Since 1990, USYCO® has been producing artificial types of leather using the transfer coating method with different types of textile base, such as cotton, polyester, non- woven texture, and so forth, all depending on the customer’s desire for the end-product.
Our main product groups are:

Artificial types of leather for fashion, garments and footwear,
such as shoe uppers, linings, soles and slippers.
Leather goods such as belts, bags, suitcases and diary bindings.
Artificial leather for interior decoration, upholstery industry and car
Tarpaulins and tents.
Multiple-purpose coated textiles


Our customers choose us because of our product quality, competitive prices, production capacity, new product development capabilities and dynamic sales.

Our marketing team is contributing to classify the company as one of the leaders in this field.
The company is exporting products to many countries in different continents.
40 % of our production is exported to Western and Eastern Europe, South Africa, Middle East and Latin America.

Our export strategy is to maintain long-term relationships with our customers, so we always welcome proposals for new collaboration agreements to approach new markets.

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