Quality Policy

Superior functionality and quality is guaranteed due to our long experience, extensive research and field-testing.
Production quality and operations are closely monitored by our Research Laboratory, Development and Quality Control Departments.
Quality is USYCO┤s« first priority and the entire production process from arrival of the raw materials to the rolling of the products and packing them for transport is under strict quality control.
USYCO« has an extremely flexible production system enabling us to meet our
customer's requirements quickly and efficiently. USYCO« has both the production efficiency and the expertise to make it an extremely reliable business partner.
We will be pleased to supply you with samples and any other information required regarding prices, qualities, delivery and so o

Quality statement:

The aim in the Excellency Model is to manage the processes, policies and strategies of the company with a leadership approach according to the employees and resources of the company to provide customer and employee satisfaction to create a good image on the community and to achieve success in the business.
Customer satisfaction and Quality are indispensable in today's business life and the production of goods and services are now taken with a customer oriented approach. Producing quality products and services is not only a responsibility of those who deliver it, but according to the Total Quality Management principles, this responsibility is shared by the management and all of the employees. Therefore, the strategic side of the quality is becoming more important.
Today in USYCO«, the Total Quality Management concept is usually called "Strategic Quality Management" Here, it means a comprehensive and strategic structure to provide continuous improvement in the product and service quality for customer satisfaction by bringing together profitability, competitive power and the quality improvement efforts with the help of the human, material and knowledge resources.
QUALITY and CONSISTENT QUALITY are regarded indispensable and have become a way of life.

Suppliers & Quality Partners:

USYCO« is proud to have business relations with companies as:


If you supply any of raw materials mentioned below as related to our kind of business, we would be pleased to deal with you.

- Aliphatic
- Aromatic

- Pigments

Release Paper

- Non woven ( water jet, needle punched, normal and treated with binder)

And any other products used for synthetic leather industry such as:
Kickers, DOP, Stabilizers and Blowing Agents.

In this case, please fill in the form, Then you will be able to see the response to your offer via e-mail and you will be our potential supplier for our future needs as you will be registered on our list of suppliers.

If you want to send a sample, then you also need to include the technical specifications and raw material security documents.

R & D

Our R & D Department has been an integral part of the company since the outset and it is the brain team that drives us towards achieving our mission and vision. As of 2003, we have a team of 10 engineers (chemical, leather and textile engineers) and 20 technicians.
So In addition to the standard products, we meet customers specific orders after receiving their samples which undergo tensile, elongation, abrasion, indenting and bending tests. These are preformed in our laboratory by the skilled R&D team that is continually striving to develop new ideas and fashion articles. Then we send our counter sample for the customer's approval.
As our customers demand quality products, we require the highest possible standards from our suppliers and every individual concerned in the production process and services.


















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